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Hagerstown Seventh-day Adventist Church
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church bulletin - Feb. 2

02.01.19 | Bulletin

Welcome to Worship - Today has been made a little brighter because you are here. As we worship together, we pray that the Lord will bless you in some special way. To those seeking a church home, we invite you to join us.

Church at Study

Sabbath School Vision is

“Continuously Commune with the Master Teacher

and Learn to Magnify What Jesus Taught.” 


Sabbath School Lesson                                       “The Seven Seals”


Adult Sabbath School Classes

  • Pastor Rice — in sanctuary
  • Frank Collins in youth pastor’s office
  • Mitch Greenbaum – in library
  • Amazing Grace/ Young Adults – downstairs
  • Candy Byrd—room in back of organ
  • Don Draper – in class at end of hall


Children’s Sabbath School Classes

  • Beginners: birth–3 years old
  • Kindergarten: 4–6 years old
  • Primary: 7–9 years old (grades 2–4)
  • Junior: 10-11 years old (grade 5,6)
  • Earliteen: 1213 years old (grade 78)
  • Youth: grades 9–12


Prelude - 10:30                                         Jermaine Cain

Prayer and Welcome (10:40 a.m.)               Mission Spotlight                

Prayer Requests:     Evelyn Byrd, Virginia Harless, Paul Hillebert,

Scott Kepner, Esther Ojala, Shirley Reading, Carolyn Sine,

Joyce Strang, Dick & Ruth Yates

Church at Worship – 10:45 a.m.


Song Service Bob McGhee & Barbara McLaughlin
Church Life Pastor Roger Larsen
Call to Worship - "Marvelous Grace" #109
Invocation Pastor Orville Brown
Children's Message Pastor Ryan Comeau
Worship in Giving - Local Church Budget Dale Brumagin
Garden of Prayer Doug Sayles
Special Music Barbara McLaughlin
Scripture Reading - Matthew 18:28-30 Miriam Larson
Sermon - "God's Math" Pastor Orville Brown
Closing Hymn - "Forgive Our Sins as We Forgive" #299
Benediction Pastor Orville Brown
Organ Postlude Jermaine Cain


Upcoming Events

WEDDING SHOWER/RECEPTION - tomorrow at 1 p.m. for Pastor Ryan and Nikki in the church fellowship hall.  They are registered at Amazon.  Please bring your favorite afternoon snack to share.

HOAGIES - Mt. Aetna School is selling hoagies for super bowl Sunday.  They will be available on Sunday.

STEM FEST - HVA is conducting an after-school program for children ages 8-11 at the school on Monday, Feb. 4 from 4-5 p.m.  The topic this month will be Polymers.

PRAYER MEETING—will continue this Wednesday at 7 p.m.  Everyone is encouraged to come join us as we finish our study on the book of Matthew.   

Service Opportunities

FOOD DRIVE—there is a food basket located in the foyer for nonperishable food donations to benefit the ACTS 9 Center.  Please remember to give for this ministry.


Prayer and Praise

PRAYER REQUESTS—may be placed in the prayer box in the foyer.  These requests will be prayed for by the church staff.

SPECIAL PRAYER - Scott Kepner is staying at Broadmore  Senior Living, 1175 Professional Ct.  (off Eastern Blvd.) for the next two months.  Cards and visits are welcome. 

OUR DEEPEST SYMPATHY - Kayrn Tolson’s father died on Tuesday.  Let’s remember this family in our prayers.

Other Announcements

NEW FLOWER CALENDAR - please select a date on the new flower calendar posted on the bulletin board for 2019, for a special occasion, or just to honor your Lord.  Mark your tithe envelope flowers ($35).



      IN:  Curtis Morris from Dover First SDA Church

               Alwyn & Johnetta Robinson from Brownsville Temple

                  in New York

               Meagan Walker from Hinsdale Fil-Am SDA Church

               Nikki Warner from Benton Harbor, MI

      OUT:  Amanda McGhee to Orange Cove, FL

                    Leander Tomazeli to Azure Hills, CA

SABBATH SUNDOWN SERENADE - next Sabbath, Feb. 9, at 5 p.m. Jermaine Cain will present an organ concert.  Jermaine has sharply benefited under the tutelage of Professor David Loy for the last several years.

FAMILY GAME NIGHT - next week we are having a family game night in the church fellowship hall at 6:00 p.m.  Everyone is invited to come and fellowship together.  Pathfinders will be selling food as a fundraiser. 

LADIES LUNCHEON -our next Ladies Luncheon will be Wednesday, Feb. 13, 11:30 a.m. at Olive Garden.  We are inviting our spouses/ friends to join us for this special dinner.  Also, Von Marie needs to know how many are coming, so please give her a call and let her know.  (301) 790-2008.

SKATE NIGHT - Mt. Aetna School is having a Skate Night on Feb. 14 at Starland Skate from 6-8:30 p.m.  This is a fundraiser for Home & School so there is a $5/person fee.  There will be supervision for small children with an extra $2.

INTERNATIONAL FAIR - HVA is sponsoring their annual International Fair on Sunday, Feb. 10, 2-6 p.m. in the school gym.  Booths representing many different cultures will be on display, witness a parade of nations, and purchase and enjoy a wide variety of international foods.  Invite your friends!

WOMEN’S MINISTRY - Young women (ages 14-25) will soon receive personal invitations to a formal dinner to be held March 30.


SAVE THE DATE - FamilyLife The Art of Marriage Event coming        March 2nd and 3rd.  This video event features over 40 ministry      leaders who provide biblically-centered teaching, while couples who have struggled in marriage share their stories of pain, loss, forgiveness, and grace.  See insert on how to register.

WOMEN’S MINISTRY DINNER - Monday, Feb. 11, at Los Amigos      (29 N Burhans Blvd across from Police Dept) at 6:30 p.m.